Sisters REset Sisterhood

Have you ever been a part of a sisterhood? If not, this is a great opportunity to join an amazing group of open-minded supportive women from all over the United States whom you can meet and get to know while in a trusted and confidential setting. Our meetings and gatherings are all about being and getting to know the REAL YOU! Get to know different women of all ages in different states. During meetings you are able to anonymously submit ANY topics and/or issues you would like to discuss at our meetings. Each month we will bring in a guest speaker or certified professional to discuss these topics and issues you feel need to be discussed. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the power of finding supportive and trustworthy girlfriends/sisters. We got your back! #sisterhoodsquad. I am involved whole heartily in Sisters REset Sisterhood because I want women to know that nobody is perfect and we are all going through something in our lives so just by knowing one person cares can save lives and make someone feel so much better about themselves.

I believe that the world has lost it’s sense of community. We too easily get lost in competing and judging each other as women, as a sisterhood we should be pouring out love and encouragement, which is what I know this sisterhood is so eagerly doing. If I have the chance to be a light in my community, to my sister/neighbor and change it for the better, I don’t want to miss out on that!

Sisters REset Pledge:

“I vow to be my sister’s keeper, to work on behalf of all women and young ladies everywhere to nurture, support, and encourage our efforts to be free, individually and collectively.”

Just a helpful reminder of the power of sisterhood we want to love each other and hold each other up AND we have been told over and over again that we are in competition. We’ve spent our lives, consciously or unconsciously comparing ourselves and judging one another.

The Sufi poet, Rumi wrote: Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

When the possibility of true sisterhood (real support, genuine community, co-creation and love) exists?

What we will and will not do, in the name of Sisters REset:

Our Sister Creed:

As a sister, I will…Encourage you. I will see you through the lens of love. As a sister, I will always have your back. I will love my body and honor yours. I will be authentic with my voice. As a sister, I will listen to you & graciously hold space for you. I will share my light As a sister, I will see each woman’s unique beauty, both inside and out. As a sister, I will encourage bravery & creativity. I will support my sisters by spending my energy in ways that promote and celebrate womanhood. As a sister, I will respect your boundaries. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I will love you, unconditionally. I will trust you. As a sister, I will protect you. I wil l help you when you need it. I will be considerate and compassionate. I will reach my hand out. I will stand beside you. As a sister, I will not…Make myself lesser or greater than you. I will not see you as competition. I will not judge you to make myself feel better. As a sister, I will never betray you to receive personal attention. I will not allow you to settle.  As a sister, I will never dim your light. I will not lie to myself or you.  I will not spite other sisters or myself. I will not apologize for my path or existence (and I won’t allow you to either) As a sister, I will not take you for granted.I will not project my insecurities & negativity upon you. And I will not be ashamed of believing in sisterhood.

To Join and commit please reach out to our founder Michelle Jackson-Easley through email


Our first Sisters REset Gala (March 2019)

Due to Covid 19 our 2020 Sisters REset Gala will be cancel.