Our Founder

“Michelle Jackson is the Founder of Living Transparent Inc. Before she became who she is today, she was first a believer in God. She is the Author of, Man Rejected Me.. But God Chose Me, an autobiography of the ups and down struggles and adversity that has happened in her life. She is a business owner for a Candle Shop and Tshirt Company in Texas. She is also the mother of four adult children and a Nana to ten grandchildren. She is also a music lover and can play over four different instruments, she’s a basketball mom to her oldest son, which she truly enjoys sitting court side cheering on the team. When she gets a chance you can find her somewhere fishing, roller skating or playing in the pool. She does her best writing in a secluded getaway by the roaring waves of the beach and sands in Texas. Michelle spends most of her time helping those in need, like the homeless population with food, water, clothing and hygiene packs and also helping low income families who are needing financial support for food, rent and utilities, you can also catch her helping Domestic and Sexually Violence Individuals find counseling and a SAFE place to live, while finding time to stuff backpacks and donating snacks and reading supplies to the children in the surrounding area. Michelle loves to give back to her community and those in need and she proves that through her Nonprofit Organization.”Congratulations to Michelle Jackson, our Founder of Living Transparent Inc. for publishing her first book that will be hitting every Barnes and Nobles around the world and every digital platform. Stay tune for the release date, you don’t want to miss this great read!